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dmlights is now Peeq

Hello there, welcome back!

Looking for dmlights? Found it! You might not have recognised us immediately, because we are no longer called dmlights. After 45 years, it was time for something new. Since 2023, we have been going through life as *drum roll* Peeq!

What’s new

Peeq is the specialist when it comes to interiors. Our offer is a lot more extensive than when we were still dmlights. Besides lighting, you can now also come to us for the most beautiful interior accessories and furniture. In short: everything to shape your dream home.

What’s the same

Of course, our passion for beautiful design has remained the same. Just like our commitment to customer satisfaction. How do we make a difference? As before, we remain fully committed to our expertise in lighting and interior design.

Lighting. Furniture. Accessories.

Enough about us. At Peeq, it's all about you and your interior design needs. From a table lamp to recessed spotlights, from a vase to a table, from indoor chairs to outdoor chairs: we have selected the most beautiful international brands for you.

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